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Event Rental Space

Center Street Wellness is home to our cozy wellness studio space. Here we offer several studio services such as yoga and dance classes.

Our studio is also an excellent place to host your next gathering. Whether its a graduation, a birthday, or even a company party Center Street Wellness can accommodate a modest gathering for your celebrations.


Space: 1,300 sq ft
Capacity: 50 Persons
Two Bathrooms
Large Ceilings & High Windows
Studio Quality Surround Sound System
Complimentary Coffee


For inquiries and bookings call 414-331-1305 or email

Aja Janay

Aja Janay is Founder and Yoga Instructor of Heal + Glow, a lifestyle brand dedicated to cultivating self-care practices among WOC. Heal + Glow aims to encourage WOC to seek light during moments of darkness through yoga sessions and products (candles) to propel your self-care journey further.

Heal + Glow is actively looking to grow as a household name in the wellness industry by encouraging everyone to heal and glow in physical spaces and soon, digital spaces. The self-proclaimed “Light Supplier” also works as the Executive Assistant at HoneyBee Sage and Wellness Apothecary, where she’s learning the healing properties of herbs, under Master Herbalist Angela Mallet.

The Milwaukee native has been a yoga practitioner and chandler for 5 years, getting her start during her undergraduate studies at Marquette University. She later received an in-depth study of yoga by taking a 200hr Yoga Certification training at Everyday Bliss in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Since deciding to step into her light, Aja has taught yoga in Baduda, Uganda; later studying Reiki Healing and manifested the Twerk Yoga series. Aja’s favorite yoga pose is Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) where feels she channels her ancestors and the matriarchs of her family. She likes to listen to soul and alternative r&b so expect to hear those tunes and get all the vibes during her yoga sessions; unless it’s “Twerk Yoga”. Aja is grateful to be leading yoga sessions at Center Street Wellness and connecting to the Bronzeville and Riverwest (and surrounding areas) communities. She’s ready to heal from the inside out as one.

Charde’a Bell-Taylor

Memories of my first yoga class come vividly. In addition to standing out as the only woman of color, I was the one inexperienced student who journeyed through at least two life cycles by end of class. There was a shift. Energy had been cleared. I felt free and content as if I wasn’t a struggling college student about to have ramen noodles for dinner the 5th night in a row. The only thing left to question: Who can I relate my experience to?

Similar situations are customary for people of color entering spaces to practice yoga or mindfulness. Some may not have access yoga classes at all. Others may have access to yoga, but always feel like the black sheep in these spaces. Exploring the abilities of the body through breath and it’s energy centers called me to practice yoga, but the rarity of black owned yoga studios and instructors in Milwaukee called me to teach. The need was evident, and I’m grateful to have cultivated relationships with peers who share the same vision.

My name is Charde’a Bell-Taylor, a 24 year old yogi musician born and raised on the north side of Milwaukee, WI. I am the owner of Godbody Creations, a lifestyle brand offering body adornments associated with health, wellness and empowerment. I’ve been practicing yoga for 4 years. In January 2019, after studying under yoga master Pam Bliss at Everyday Bliss Yoga and Massage Therapy School, I completed a 200 hr RYT certification. I have since continued my education by leading yoga classes at Walnut Way, teaching/facilitating Twerk Yoga classes hosted by Heal + Glow, creating curriculum to teach youth yoga in schools, studying thai yoga massage. Moving energy mindfully is the chariot to enlightenment. I’m here to spread the light of yoga and hold space for people on the journey to self-cultivation. Let’s flow and grow together. Namaste.


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